Lee Johnson Songs-Biography

Lee Johnson Songs-Biography




Lee Johnson is an award winning singer/ songwriter, multi instrumentalist, recording engineer, and producer. Lee’s influences delve deep into the roots of rock, folk, country, bluegrass, blues, reggae/island, and more. His songwriting style is geared towards compelling hooks, emotional connection, well crafted lyrics, and melodies that stick in your head! Lee’s live shows are high energy, and he uses Live Looping, which allows him to improvise lead guitar licks seamlessly over rhythmic progressions. Lee also includes ukulele in his live performances. Fans have commented recently that Lee’s live shows displayed “outstanding, rare talent”, and “a gift to listen to”. Scroll down this page for more complete info, including discography of cuts with other artists at the bottom!


Lee Johnson Songs Bio Continued:

Lee was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the middle child of 5. His family moved to the US when he was pre school age, and landed in Branford, CT. Lee’s family continued to move to new towns every few years throughout his life. As a result, Lee became immersed in his music. Growing up, the guitar became Lee’s best friend! He started with piano lessons around age 8 and switched to guitar around age 11. Lee spent lots of time learning cover songs, and began writing his own songs around age 13. By age 14 or 15, Lee and his friends started several bands after school. When Lee graduated from Reno HS, he moved to Boulder CO to attend CU Boulder, where he received a BA in Environmental Science. A couple years later, Lee then attended UCD Denver for a Degree in Music and Sound Technology. Looking back, Lee always struggled to make decent grades in High School and College, until he switched his focus to Music, when it became easy to do well in school with hardly any effort!


Lee Johnson Songs- Awards

– “Game Changer” won 1st Place in Aug 2017 Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival, Country Category

– “This Feels Good” won 1st Place in June 2016 Akademia Music Awards for Best Country Rock song

-“Almost Had to Die” won 1st Place in Richard Leigh Songwriters Festival, May 2016.

-“This Side Of The Dirt”  won 1st Place in Durango Expo “WWAHM” Feb 2014.

“This Ol’ T Shirt” won 2nd Place in Durango Songwriters Expo Feb 2014.

-“How We Roll” aired on ABC’s “Nashville” 12/4/13.

-“What About You” won 1st Place in “Show Me the Music” Nov 2013

– “Numbered” won 1st Place and Grand Prize in the “Smokey Mnt Songwriter Fest” Aug 2013.

– “Almost had To Die” won 1st Place in SongU “Golden Ticket” May 2013

– “This Feels Good” won Broadjam’s “Date with a Publisher”  April 2012.

-“Almost Dad To Die”  won 1st Place “Hillbilly Culture” song contest June 2012,

-“Tough Times” won 1st Place NSAI “Hitsville” April 2011

– “High Heels” won 1st Place Durango Expo “WWAHM” Feb 2010.



Results have included song deals with Major Label Publishers, and co writes with Hit Writers. In addition, Lee has secured film tv placements with recordings made in his protools studio at home. Lee has been making regular trips to Nashville and LA, for 10 years. In his career, Lee has 20+ yrs FT music instruction experience, and almost 25 years of national, regional and local performances. Lee is Coordinator for N. CO NSAI. Lee toured nationally, released 2 CD’s with “Runaway Truck Ramp” 1998-2003. See “Rolling Stone” Sept 1999. Lee opened for “Peter Rowan”, “Tony Rice”, “John Cowan of Newgrass Revival”, “Leftover Salmon”, “String Cheese Incident”, “Yonder Mountain String Band”, “Derek Trucks”, “Moe” and more.


More Experience:


Lee has multiple songs signed to publishing deals. In addition, Lee was signed as a staff writer to a publishing deal with “Lyric House” in Denver CO in 2014-2015, with focus on film tv placements. In Nashville, Lee’s songs have been signed and or pitched by publishers including ole, Hori Pro, Zavitson, Washington St, Demolition Music, Green Hills Music and others. Lee was fortunate to have co writes arranged with hit writers through his various contest wins, and or directly through publishers, including John Pardi, Jeff Silbar, Alan Roy Scott, Allan Rich, Brice Long, each who have huge successful careers. More co-writers and artists Lee has worked with include include Bucky Jones (ASCAP Writer of the year many x) , Pat Kelley, Andy Wills, Frank Maroney, Dan Demay, Dillon Charmichael, Nancy Faber, Hannah Richardson and more. Lee also has many ongoing relationships with unsigned artists and writers.


Biography of Performance Info:

Lee Johnson Songs

As a performer, Lee currently plays solo acoustic singer/songwriter. Lee’s roots go deep into rock, blues, country, folk, bluegrass, island/reggae, and more. However different these styles may seem, Lee’s weaves together a seamless show that is entertaining for all ages. Venues include festivals, theaters, local breweries, clubs, bars, and also private parties, corporate events, weddings, backyard BBQ’s, and more. In addition to his award winning songs, Lee has a huge catalogue of cover songs available to suit all types of events. Lee performs mostly regionally in Colorado, but also on trips to writers nights in Nashville and LA. See calendar  for performance dates. If you are interested to book Lee to play at your next event email


Biography of Studio Work:

First, Lee sings, and plays acoustic and electric guitar, dobro, lap steel, bass, ukulele, and harmonica. Also, Lee likes to pick up other instruments. As a result, Lee has secured several film tv placements with recordings made in his protools studio at home, some signed deals through Taxi. Also, Lee has done many studio sessions for his own projects, and as a musician for hire. In addition, Lee is a protools engineer. He is available to sing, play, record, and or producer on your next project. Next, Lee has been making regular trips to Nashville and LA, for 10 years. These trips involve co writing with artists, writers, and producers, some are signed and some who are indie. In addition, Lee has received mentoring from some of the industry’s top song writers and industry professionals. Lee works with publishers, to pitch his material to other artists. Finally, Lee has signed many song deals and has also secured multiple indie cuts on his own.


Biography of Songwriting Studies:

Lee is Coordinator for N. CO NSAI and hosts monthly songwriter workshop meetings to help other writers and performers. Previously, Lee studied Music and Sound Technology for a BA at UCD Denver. Also, Lee has completed many songwriter workshops, and received mentoring from some of the industry’s top writers and performers. Events include Taxi Road Rally, NSAI songposiums, symposiums, spring trainings, song camps, Tin Pan South, and many more. In addition, Lee has received songwriting instruction from many hit writers and world renown instructors such as Steve Seskin, Rick Beresford, Jason Blume, Ralph Murphy, Don Henry, instructors on, Songtown USA, and more.


Music Teaching Programs:

Lee has 22 yrs FT music instruction experience. First, Lee started teaching music at local area music stores in 1996. Eventually this lead to Lee opening Boulder Guitar Studio in 2001. Subsequently, Lee has helped hundreds of students reach their goals. However, in 2014 Lee had the urge to reach more students on more instruments. In addition, he dreamed of ways to help more busy families and professionals get music lessons in more convenient ways. In 2015 Lee launched My Local Music Lessons, and features a growing team of instructors on all instruments. These instructors offer the convenience of in home lessons in Front Range CO Locations.


Biography of Past Performances:

Previously Lee toured regionally and nationally, with many bands around the CO music scene, starting in the early 1990’s. Most notable would be the release of 2 CD’s with “Runaway Truck Ramp” 1998-2003. See “Rolling Stone” Sept 1999. In addition, Lee opened for “Peter Rowan”, “Tony Rice”, “John Cowan of Newgrass Revival”, “Leftover Salmon”, “String Cheese Incident”, “Yonder Mountain String Band”, “Derek Trucks”, “Moe” and more!



-“Numbered” released by Christian artist Steve Bridgmon 2017

-“American Strong” as single by GA Top Male Vocalist Rylee Nicholson 2017

-“This Ol T Shirt” released by GA Top Male Vocalist Rylee Nicholson 2017

-“Back Porch Boogie” released by GA Top Male Vocalist Rylee Nicholson 2017

-“Numbered” released by GA Top Male Vocalist Rylee Nicholson 2017

-“Dancin’ On The Edge” single released by artist AM/FM Nashville June 2017

-“This Ol T Shirt”cut by Artist James Stewart Keene, debut at #22 International Mainstream Country Music Chart Top 40 Radio May 2017

-“Can’t Put You Down” cut by Artist James Stewart Keene, debut #36 in Australian top 40 radio Dec 2016.

– “Numbered” cut by Artist Billy Kelly 2016

-Every Shade Of Beautiful cut by artist Billy Kelly 2016

“Music To My Eyes” cut by artist Sol Knopf album “Rehoboth Beach” 2016

– “I’ve Already Fallen” cut by Swiss artist

-pending pop cut with artist Hannah Richardson 2016

-several Pop Cuts by AMFM pending 2016

– “Can’t Put You Down” cut by David Dykins 2016

-“Can’t Put You Down” cut by Kenny Scharlatt 2015

–“Back Porch Boogie” cut by Swiss Artist “Nada Cowboys” 2015

–“How We Roll” placed in ABC Hit TV Show “Nashville”

(episode before season finale Dec 2013)

–“How We Roll” cut by Artist “Greg Knight” 2013

–This Feels Good” single cut by Artist “Lost Highway” album “This Feels Good” 2013

–“High Heels” cut by Ottowa Idol Winner, Artist Ally Mayson Album “High Heels”2013

–“Numbered” cut by Artist Brad Puckett 2013

–“Numbered” cut by Artist Southern Drawl Band 2013

“That Forever Look cut by Courtney Darwin 2013

–“Fragile” and other home produced tracks, placed on cable TV show Animal Planet 2012

–Other cuts and holds pending


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