Newsletter Lee Johnson Songs

Newsletter Lee Johnson Songs

Hi Friends, and happy fall! This newsletter has some info about upcoming shows, some artist cuts I have had recently with my songwriting, and as always you are invited to check out my music online for FREE! Here is the skinny: 

Lee Johnson Songs Newsletter

Lee Johnson Songs Upcoming Shows:

Coming up Tues, 11/8 (election day) what better way to celebrate than come on out to the Upslope Brewing CO at Flatirons Park Location in Boulder, at 1898 S. Flatiron Court Boulder, CO 80301. I play solo acoustic, from 6-8pm! 

Later this month, I’ll also be at Longs Peak Pub, and Gold Hill Inn. You can see my complete list of upcoming shows here: 

Lee Johnson Songs Newsletter

Show Schedule:

You may have noticed I was playing a ton of shows this summer, 3-4 x a week, about 50-60 shows this summer. However I have been forced to scale things back a little. After recovering from 2 separate bouts of pneumonia Jan-Mar, and Apr-June of 2016, I thought I was ready to roll again. However, I have suffered a torn bicep tendon and rotator cuff in my right shoulder. This makes playing full shows pretty agonizing. Its hard to pick up a glass of water, tie my shoes, or shift gears in my stick shift truck. So playing a 3 hr show solo irritates my shoulder beyond belief. I did get a cortisone steroid shot and that is helping as is the much needed rest. I’m backing off for a while over this winter to try to rehab my shoulder. Expect to see a handful of shows a month, instead of a handful of shows a week. I want to be ready for next spring and summer season. 

For you my friends and fans, this just means, ya gotta pick a show and come see it cause the next one might be a week or 3 away! Moving On…

Artist Cuts:

Some recent good news about my songwriting: My song “Numbered” written with buddy Mitch Townley has been cut 3x now, by artists Southern Drawl Band, Brad Puckett and now artist Billy Kelly. Billy also cut our song “Every Shade of Beautiful” written with Mitch and Andy Wills who’s signed at Sony/ATV last year. Congrats Andy! My song “I’ve Already Fallen” written with Annalise Williams, was cut by Swiss artist Seven Loons While at Durango Expo in Oct, I wrote a song with artist Hannah Richardson and Max Mcgee, that Hannah is releasing called “I Cant Love You Anymore”. My co writer Lorrie Caplan and I have several cuts coming out with Pop duo sensation AM/FM, starting with their release of our song “Dancin’ On The Edge”, and several more of our songs pending! Our song “Cant Put You Down” co written with Max Mcgee and Scott Miller has been cut 3x now with artists, David Dykins 2016, Kenny Scharlatt 2015, James Keenan Stewwart 2014. A song I wrote by myself years ago called “Back Porch Boogie” was cut by Swedish artist Nada Cowboys. This is a pretty good list, considering I was out of commission from Jan-June with pneumonia! There are more cuts and info, Im trying my best to keep track, you can get the full scoop here: 

Closing Statements:

As mentioned, you are always welcome to head to my site and check out music for FREE:, see calendar, bio, social media links, email list and more. Help me spread the word and turn your friends on to whats happening too! I hope to see you at one of my shows coming up soon! 

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